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Dr. Randall has made appearances on national television and radio discussing her philosophies. Her rigorous training as both a modern medical scientist and clinician, and a healer in various ancient traditions, make her an exceptionally qualified teacher for the new paradigm of health and wellness.




Have you ever walked down the health products aisle in the grocery store or tried to find something in the health store and felt totally confused and baffled. “How do I know which is best? Capsules or tablets, how much? How do I know if I’m actually getting what I am taking? What do I really need for my health conditions or to just stay healthy?” Learn the answers to all of these questions and more. Although this is a constantly evolving area, as it should be to keep up with the current state of knowledge, Dr Randall makes it her job to know which products are really effective and why. She finds out the real science behind nutrient therapy for her patients and now you too can learn this valuable information. Join Dr Randall for a discussion of this important information for keeping healthy in the era of health reform.



Have you ever had a dream that came true? Did you ever dream something that already happened or received a warning in the dreamtime that changed the course of your life events?

Dreams are the windows to your future and messages from your soul helping to guide your decisions and bringing the new and creative into your life. Understanding the power of dreaming helps you achieve your greatest potential with ease. Dr. Madeleine Randall acquired qualification in dreaming and ancient healing arts through years of apprenticeship with Native American teachers and many years studying and practicing various methods of Oriental and energetic medicine. She has initiated and participated in dreaming ceremonies all over the world.



Each of us may “walk in balance and beauty” of body, mind, spirit, and emotions once we understand the four sacred directions of the Medicine Wheel and the natural laws that govern personal health and balanced living. Learn the essence of ancient Native American Philosophies and join in a sacred ceremony at Kuchumaa Passage.



Learn about the four sacred directions of the Medicine Wheel and the natural laws they govern in personal health and balanced living. Understand what it means to “walk in balance and beauty”-body, mind, spirit and emotions. Dr. Madeleine Randall shares ancient philosophies passed down to her by Native American teachers and upgraded for harmonious living in our modern times. After learning the principles, join in the sacred ceremony of the wheel. We will use our new-found teachings to focus our intent for transforming and healing ourselves and the Mother Earth in ceremony at the Medicine Wheel.



Look beyond traditional medicine for understanding and relief of women’s symptoms related to hormonal changes and imbalances. They are all part of the natural journey of life and have gentle empowering answers and remedies. Learn how to balance your own internal environment naturally and safely. The biological links between spiritual practices, emotional states and health are an exploding area of scientific research. “Symptoms are only our bodies’ way of talking to us about an imbalance in the realm of existence,” Dr. Randall says. “Discover your balance points and manifest your greatest portion of health!”





The innovative integrative approach and powerful, practical tools of Mind-Body Medicine are given in this inspirational talk. These concepts can be applied by any individual, doctor or patient, to any illness, whether physical, emotional or spiritual, to facilitate healing, balance and wholeness. With the mind of a scientist, the vision of a mystic and the heart of a healer, Dr. Randall integrates science and soul, building a crucial bridge between ancient paths of spiritual and natural healing, and the practice of modern medicine. This approach is truly “whole-istic” medicine, in which illness is not an enemy but a teacher, a spiritual riddle to solve, and healing is a sacred process leading toward a new and greater wholeness. This talk forms the basis of Dr. Randall’s book, Soul Doctoring.



Did you know that 50 percent of Americans make New Year’s Resolutions and over 80 percent of those abandon them by mid-February! Learn how to manifest your New Year’s Resolutions into a reality and avoid becoming a disappointing statistic. Join Dr. Randall as she shares a model for action that will allow anyone to make and get their New Year’s Resolutions to stick.



We come to sacred ground, to the Medicine Wheel, to stand as One, One People. We leave our egos outside and see with our hearts. We bring prayers of gratitude to the higher powers for the opportunity of allowing our souls to walk in these physical bodies and come here to our sacred Mother Earth to learn. My teacher, Joseph Rael (Beautiful Painted Arrow), says, “The sacred circle represents the first seed and all of life comes from that seed.”

Thus, we may look upon the Medicine Wheel as a model of the circular true nature of life, no matter how small or how large. A wheel is a circle, and the circle constitutes and symbolizes nearly everything the Native American medicine men and women invoked to induce power. Their teepees and encampments were circular, they sat in a circle at council, and they performed their ceremonies in a circle. They made Medicine Wheels and sweat lodges in a circle. The Great Spirit caused everything grand in nature to be round. The Sun, Sky, Earth and Moon are round. The earth revolves around the sun, the moon revolves around the earth, and all the cosmos spins around and around. The smallest unit of biology, the cell, is round. The atom is round, and the electrons orbit the nucleus of the atom.

We will come to the circle with our prayers for ourselves, our circle, our families and community and our Mother Earth. When we stand as One People and make our prayers with a good heart it is like a small pebble dropped into a clear pool of water. The healing goes out circle beyond circle beyond circle until it returns once again to the center and the healing is complete.


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The Edge of Optimal Wellness

The E Series – Meet Dr. Randall

Dr. Randall welcomes you up front close and personal to take a journey into The Edge of Optimal Wellness, as she shares with you her unique wisdom on a variety of topics, each designed to enrich, enlighten and encourage. Lecture discussion followed by time for your questions.

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