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In life it is rare to come across someone who so completely gets you. Beyond the shadow of a doubt, Dr. Randall is indeed blessed with this gift, a gift for listening, sensing, and understanding one’s issues, no matter how complex. Her kind and caring spirit — and integrity — made all the difference throughout my precarious road to wellness while in the throes of a devastating and debilitating illness.

After having been mismanaged by some “top doctors” at some of the finer institutions on the West Coast, Dr. Randall was able to accurately and expertly diagnose and treat the underlying cause of my issue(s) instead of merely managing the symptoms. With her in my corner, I am beyond fortunate — and I know it. I remain happy and thrilled to be thriving well beyond expectations to this point. And Dr. Randall has had practically everything to do with this. She is empowered with a dynamic and proven track record for utilizing conventional medicine then complementing it with well-established alternative therapies.

To this day, I continue to feel better with each passing week. Better still is the peace of mind I have in knowing that I am, for certain, her patient for life.

~Mike B.

I met Dr. Randall in 1993 when a close friend was dying at the VA hospital in Los Angeles. He was Robert Sundance, a prominent Lakota Sioux Native leader. Though not the attending physician, Dr. Randall sensed something was wrong and became involved in his care. She went out of her way to see to his comfort and moved him to a private room. Because of her attention, he became alert and oriented for the first time in months. Her care and sensitivity in dealing with his passing left a lasting impression on me.

Later, I contacted her for assistance with my own health issues. I was suffering from chronic lack of energy, indigestion, acid reflux, stomach pains, nausea and simply feeling lousy. After some initial tests, she started me on my path to recovery. She recommended certain lifestyle changes such as diet, supplements and herbs, exercise, stress reduction, attending women’s dream circle and reading a book called Women Who Run with the Wolves. I remember her saying do all the above but you really won’t truly get well until you read the book. That really caught my attention. I had never encountered a doctor who addressed health in such a total way. She prescribed something for the body, mind, emotions and spirit. That was my first encounter with her “Soul Doctoring.” My health improved and so did my entire life. I am a true believer in the power of “Soul Doctoring.” I try to follow her ever-evolving vision of health and well-being. I feel so very blessed to have such a special doctor, teacher and friend.

~Donna M.

Madeleine Randall is generous and wise with her counsel, which begins with a distinguished background in mainstream medicine and then draws on her knowledge of the holistic and Native American traditions. I find it especially important that her philosophy on nutrition is sound and healthy, aimed at longevity and preventing or combating disease, rather than at quick and temporary weight loss. Her advice and encouragement has been invaluable to me.

~Roger Ebert, Ebert & Roper at the Movies

Several years ago, I was trying to retire from a busy law practice and I met in consultation with Dr. Randall to help me with intractable back pain. Was it my back, or was it in my kidneys? I was ready for CT scans, EMGs or whatever would help. (Later, Dr. Randall shared with me that she suspected it was my emotional spiritual process.) First, she proved to me I was physically healthy then she suggested “ceremony”, which was non-invasive and worth a try. During the ceremony, I drifted off and became a turtle carrying the world on my back, then I climbed out of the water and up on the beach.

When the ceremony ended, it was like coming up out of a meditative state. My back pain was gone! I had put down the weight of the world. I sold my practice and worked part time, then started a new practice without stress and with more personal success than I’d ever enjoyed.

There’s no more carrying the world on my back, thanks to Dr. Randall.

~Harold Greene

I had the very good fortune to work with Dr. Madeleine Randall in both group sessions and a private session. We were asked to choose a problem we would like to address. Mine was two-fold: the ability to “move on in life,” and to have “absence of fear.”

I’ve been living in a noisy apartment for the last few years. I felt like a victim for so long. Madeleine gave me the strength to move on in my life. I used to be afraid to make changes, but with her help, I’m embracing the unknown possibilities and changes. When we finished with her medicine wheel, a hawk flew overhead, and showed the way to make our hopes soar.

She came to counsel me privately, which only enhanced what I started to learn in our group sessions. Another major break through had to do with a past boyfriend, who kept coming back into my life, and never adding security. Four years ago I wrote to him, asking him not to contact me again. He called the week that I was leaving for California. It became so crystal clear after my sessions… I wrote a letter and had it mailed from California, not to contact me again, and that I didn’t want to share the second half of my life with him. He got the letter and called the day he received it. When he left a message on my private line, at work, I heard his name and just disconnected it. There was no need to hear what he had to say anymore.

On my last day at the apartment, someone knocked at my door very early. She apologized and said, “I’m so sorry, I was told that the person staying here had left.” I smiled and thought, “Yes, part of her has departed. I then went out my back door, and two hawks flew overhead, one to celebrate the departed portion of me and one to celebrate the new me. AH HO!!!


I was referred to Doctor Randall by a friend and I was initially enticed by the fact that Doctor Randall was actively blending all the best practices and knowledge from both East and Western cultures. I figured, how much more successful will I be in maintaining optimum health and wellness by having access to a Doctor trained in both East and West Integrative medicine. I went to Doctor Randall with a minor skin issue I wanted changed, and after speaking with Doctor Randall, she felt that I may need to see a specialist in Dermatology. Throughout our conversation, Doctor Randall took an extremely active role in exploring the issues and investigating them. She would use her computer and other reference material in helping investigate the best possible Doctor to help me with the situation. When we found a suitable Dermatologist together, Doctor Randall, called the Dermatologist’s office herself and let them know that she was sending one of her patient’s to them by way of referral. In all of the many Doctor’s visits I have been to in my life, I have never experienced such a level of care, concern, proactiveness and warmth from a Doctor. In so many of my previous Doctor’s visits with other Doctor’s, I have felt like a sucker. The Doctor comes in and speaks with me for maybe 3 1/2 minutes, barely makes eye contact with me, looks down at a chart, and writes a prescription and charges me hundreds of dollars. Doctor Randall was unlike any doctor I have ever been to and the most special thing about Doctor Randall is when I heard from my dear friend who referred me to Doctor Randall, that Doctor Randall prays for each of her patients every night. Doctor Randall listens, intuitively understands potential issues very quickly, and has a wealth of knowledge to assist her in her healing practice. I am so healthy that I have not had the need to visit Dr. Randall for some time. I would recommend Doctor Randall to everyone who is looking for a gifted medical practitioner.

~Matthew Schonbrun

Los Angeles, CA

I’ve treasured Gayle Madeleine Randall since 1996, when I dubbed her the Malibu Witch Doctor, because her energy freed my spirit to whirligig around the universe for weeks after our encounters. Each wellness consultation left me feeling as though I’d powwowed with a visionary mystic who could rival William Blake. Sometimes I didn’t know what she was talking about. But she always did. And it was mesmerizing. All the while I’d be thinking, “How did this woman get to be so powerful? Who are those dream sisters she alludes to frequently? And who is that dream teacher she sees when her medicine needs a tweak?”

She worked a marvelous cure when anxiety so seized me that I couldn’t write the book I’d undertaken. She listened, with her soul, to diagnose my shattered state. She explained that I was in the throes of a shamanic transformation. She recounted how many a shaman disassembled into shatters to reassemble into a novel whole. She impressed on me the importance of completing my book because she believed me attuned to the shake up in the universe. She told me about numerous people, herself included, who’d braved experiences similar to mine that year. Why? There was a tear in the dream fabric; water was rushing through it; the tribe was being redefined; all the rules were changing. She encouraged me, as a shaman-scribe, to digest those events and feed tales of change to the tribe. Now, didn’t I feel better?

I did every day thereafter. These days I’m thrilled that the book is almost complete. I’m grateful that Madeleine is my healer, teacher, dream sister, friend. And I’m honored to sign off with the name she bestowed on me.

~Shattering Light Woman

(aka Cheri Alma Ayres)

She is the best “Doc” I have ever had! She combines the two worlds in medicine: conventional and alternative, which was the heavenly news when I first found out about her. Then I met her and get to see what a loving and caring person she is. My health improved tremendously since I started seeing her and I feel younger and healthier every day thanks to her! THANKS A MILLION, DR . RANDALL!. LOVE YOU! YOU ARE THE BEST!

~Yasemin E.

Words definitely are not adequate to express all that Dr. Randall has done for me as my physician. I will try to describe some of the qualities that I find to be unique about Dr. Randall that I have appreciated:

One quality that is unique about Dr. Randall that I rarely find with other physicians is the way she always takes the time to really listen to me as her patient. She has always been quick to respond any time I have needed medical advice. I also appreciate her ability to provide a treatment plan that works for me as an individual, taking into account any allergies or sensitivities that I have. I find Dr. Randall to be a creative, extremely caring, sensitive, brilliant physician. I can’t really say enough to express how grateful I am to Dr. Randall for the care she has given me through the years as my doctor and friend. Thank you, Thank you, Dr. Randall, YOU ARE THE BEST!

~Suzanne V.

Dear, dear Doc~

So, you have to know I already love, admire and will ALWAYS appreciate you. Not sure what took me so long to land on your wonderful web-site. WONDERFUL ~ so much information and so many resources. But, > what I wasn’t expecting was that it was possible for me to love you even more! From lurking around on your site I now know you prayed for me (which actually doesn’t surprise me!) before we met and when we met. I am deeply moved by the story of love and healing of which you were a part in the life of your brother. I know you are simply utilizing the gifts God has given you to serve others ~ but to me you are an extraordinary, exemplary woman.

Recently, I obtained my certification as a professional life coach. Seeking a direction in my service to others ~ so much has been given to me. The least of my focus in opening a business is earning potential ~ with the exception that I did have the thought it would be ideal to earn enough that I would have the security of mind to know I could use and afford your expertise if, and when, needed!

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