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SOUL DOCTORING: Heal Yourself, Heal The Planet

2022’s most important breakthrough book is here! Soul Doctoring: Heal Yourself, Heal the Planet is the exciting semi-autobiographical story of Dr. Gayle Madeleine Randall’s journey and development into the unique doctor-healer that she has become. The book’s 25 chapters are packed with examples and insights into the 20 global healing modalities in which she is expert, including four decades as a Western physician.

In the book lies vital and immediately applicable information on ground breaking diet, nutrition, self-care, mental, emotional, physical and spiritual healing, extending our lives vibrantly, stretching far beyond what we receive in typical medical office— and brings together approaches that source back thousands of years and merges them with state-of-the-art western medicine.

In Dr. Randall’s view, our health is a mental, emotional, physical and spiritual intertwining of personal and collective energies with humanity and the larger world. How we treat ourselves, view ourselves, view our lives and regard the planet speaks to our overall capability to fulfill our life’s work and participate in the ever-important regeneration of ourselves, our community, our culture and the planet.

She shares how her journey and work with American Indian leaders and healers, pioneering initiatives in integrative medicine and her deep quest to effect personal and planetary healing has manifested in three vital areas: healing patients; teaching them to heal themselves; and how taking these steps can and does lead to healing the planet. She says, “Small steps for humankind can bring about great changes for our mother earth”.

Soul Doctoring: Heal Yourself, Heal the Planet closes with five of the most important chapters yet laid down in our quest to extend our lives and that of the planet. It lays out a path for solving the health and climate crisis, weaving a regenerative lifestyle, and how bringing the two together will positively impact humanity so we might agree come together as One while honoring each other’s diversity. “One humanity — one planet — living regeneratively.”

Soul Doctoring: Heal Yourself, Heal the Planet is currently on pre-sale on Amazon. The book will be released and be available in print MAY 31, 2022 through Amazon, bookstores and online booksellers, and also through Dr. Randall’s dynamic website,

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