Randall's Rainbow Detox


Rainbow Detox Package – Made with love and drop shipped to your home!


This program is designed to clean and nourish the body and also, by using a different color of juice with special properties for 7 days, we will light up, cleanse and balance the chakra system.  The result will be an optimized metabolism, weight loss if desired and clearing of the energetic body.  Plan A includes recipes for 7 days of juices that will be supplied in a book by Dr. Randall also discussing in detail the mechanisms and scientific basis of detoxification as well as energy meditations for each day.

You will need to purchase the supplies for your recipes and a Detox Kit from Randall Wellness including a medical food powder from Metagenics, liver cleanse called Advaclear and a shaker cup. Pricing from Randall Wellness for this “do it yourself” program is $330.00 for Plan A.

Plan B supplies 7 days of juices and broth for your detox delivered to your home for $550.


Sign up by buying your detox kit from Randall Wellness 424-395-7535 or RandallWellness1@gmail.com, and friend “Randall Wellness Center” on Facebook. 


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