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You may have said to yourself: “As powerful as Western Medicine is, it simply does not have all the answers” while trying in vain to hold onto the belief that the allopathic model is the only rational approach to medicine. Begin now to define what’s true for you. Is something inside you compelling you to step Featherbeyond?

If you have ever been dissatisfied with some of the limitations
of Western Medicine, which you can no longer deny, and you wish to work with other forms of medicine to offer your patients.


If you are dissatisfied, then you are part of the growing group of medical doctors who are moving forward to include integrative medicine, energy medicine, non-traditional and Eastern modalities because the time has come, and you sense it too. You are hearing about it, reading about it, and your patients are asking you about these other possibilities.


If you want to re-ignite your passion for medicine, if you want to move comfortably with the edge of science from a doctor to healer, if you want to transform the lives of your patients leading them through their own healing potential, and if you believe that’s what you are meant to do – then it’s time to join in mentorship with a legendary American healer in this lifetime.


Mentorship With
Gayle Madeleine Randall, M.D.
Individualized Mentorship Program
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Other Physician offerings available:

Medical Consulting for Practitioners:

Bringing Integrative Medicine to your practice

Medical procedures

Patient rapport building

Patient diagnosis

Medical Intuition

Scientific research


Business Practice Consulting:

New practice set up – establishing a new practice from the start; what they DON’T teach you in medical school

How to hire alternative practitioners and train them to enhance your medical practice

Healing modalities suitable to use and to enhance your practice

Efficient office procedures

Billable and Unique office procedures

Insurance VS. Private fee only

Hiring front and back office staff

Spa/Health Center Consultation

Practitioner Training


Guest Speaker for:


Private Medical Practices


Academic Institutions


A Variety of Seminar Topics in Function and Integrative Medicine:

Leaky Gut Syndrome

Chronic Fatigue

Bioidentical Balancing for Men and Women

Neurotransmitter Testing and Emotional Balancing

Natural Treatment of Addiction

And more!


Other Seminar Topics Include:

Mind-Body Medicine: Where Science Meets Spirit

Medicine Wheel for Modern Living

Dreaming as a Spiritual Practice

Celebration of Connectedness

Wise Woman’s Journey

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