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Dr. Randall's Path

 My life as a healer has encompassed all of the principles of Integrative Medicine. However, I choose Integration of Healing Systems to preside over them all for this essay. My journey began even before medical school, before all things and times I was born into this world to be a healer and bridge for medicine and return lifeness to individuals, community and the healing arts as a whole for the benefit of all the planet. As a physician, medical professor, and cross-cultural practitioner I have brought together the entirety of my experience and intrinsic knowledge of the human body, heart and soul, to break new ground in holistic medicine, self-healing and the highest limits of human potential. I have nearly 40 years of experience as a healer, physician, scientist, and cross-cultural practitioner. I attended University of Nebraska Medical School and although innately always saw the patient as a whole, I was drawn into my first love and alternative approach through serving a clerkship on a Lakota Native American Indian Reservation as the lone doctor on the reservation. This allowed my long interest in Native American and non-traditional forms of medicine, healing, dream work and spirituality to blossom. I was embraced by the medicine people of the tribe an honored with an apprenticeship for four years while simultaneously attending medical school. All in the time when the American Indian Movement (AIM) was at its’ peak and medical science as the altar from which we were taught to take our treatments in standard western medicine, and all else was scorned. This was no small task. Even so, it resulted in a loving relationship with my Native grandparents (RIP) who imparted my great knowledge and vision which affirmed my insight of treating people as not just their bodies but also their minds, spirits, and emotions. And most importantly that the most powerful tool for healing in despite all our tools and knowing is love. I still maintain an active relationship with my teacher shaman and visionary Joseph Rael for more than 25 years.

After graduating with highest honors from the University of Nebraska Medical School, I completed an Internal Medicine residency and Gastroenterology fellowship at UCLA hospitals and clinics. All the while keeping my esoteric education alive learning Medical Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine, Japanese Acupuncture, Pranic Healing, Aura-Soma healing encompassing color healing and sacred oils and flower essences, homeopathy, natural hormonal therapy, herbal medicine, Healing through Dreaming, and more Shamanic work and herbal medicinal training from my teachers and shamans in Peru and Africa. As well as helping to initiate a program for bio sustainable farming by natives of the old-growth Amazon for medicinal herbs.

From 1988-94, as Associate Professor of Medicine at UCLA, I was one of the first physicians in the nation to introduce and teach Complementary Alternative Medicine to medical school students. It was also during this time that a group of women and I formed the Los Angeles urban Wilderness coalition. I have been an environmentalist since way before most had awareness of our planet and the beings that share this sacred place with us. Work with Natives starting in medical school expanded my work. As a physician professor at UCLA, I lived in the Hollywood Hills. In the 80’s we formed The Los Angeles Urban Wilderness Coalition. Worked closely with Santa Monica Mt Conservancy to save lands for open space. Supporters like Don Henley, Warren Beatty, Merv Griffin, Barbara Streisand, Karri Fisher, Jack Nicholson, and Magic Johnson all gifted us monies, support or lands to protect the wildlife corridors. We helped change the views and words of people like county supervisor Zev Yaraslovsky who became an environmentalist as part of his platform and was reelected many times. Today I am somewhat of an influencer and deal with lot’s of people daily as a progressive physician advocating planet health and personal health going hand in hand. I also served as the Director of the Medical Procedures Unit for the West Los Angeles Veterans Administration hospital, while becoming proficient in numerous Western and Eastern healing modalities. I became more fully integrated in the second half of the 1990s when I co-produced and participated in The Healing Connection, a pilot research project and ground-breaking UCLA study on the integration of Ayurvedic, Chinese, Native American and Western Medicine. This project led me to become a student of Dr. Purnanand Awasthi MD academic surgeon and Ayurvedic practitioner, who founded the Integrative Medical Association for all of India in 1952, the year of my birth. From him I learned the principles and practices of Ayurvedic Medicine and the certainty that we all are ONE. After this project I organized and produced the first consensus conferences on what was still called CAM at UCLA. I was frequently on national television because I was a professor at an academic university that was willing to talk about the importance of alternative techniques, addressing spirit and love in healing patients. I left my UCLA vested position in the mid to later 90’s, much to the shock of my university colleagues, and opened my own Integrative Practice and became the Integrative Medicine Co-director of the Malibu Health and Rehabilitation Center. Subsequently, I was recruited to the position of Director of Integrative Health for Miraval Life in Balance, in Tucson, AZ. Many of us, like Andrew Weil (who I taught within AZ), found the spas more open to our work and used them as “greenhouses” to expand the growth of integrative studies. During my tenure at Miraval I served as the silent hostess and Godmother of Integrative Medicine by hosting and witnessing the Consensus Conferences to name and define Integrative Medicine with Andrew Weil, David Eisenberg et al. In 2003 I was again recruited to become the Executive Director of Rancho La Puerta Health Resort in Baja California, Tecate, Mexico where guests flocked to learn about integrative health affirming that this was coming from the people and would surely grow to be the medicine of the future. I also conducted spiritual classes including ancient medicine wheel ceremonies for which I was given the authority from my Native teachers. I have conducted lectures, workshops, and seminars on health, spirituality, and wellness throughout the world. I have produced writings, documentaries, and workshops that have helped transform the lives of thousands and the face of medicine by enlightening people to their own healing potential. I have always been an initiator thus the vibration that my teacher Joseph Rael said I carry over the planet “Initiation of Divine Insight”. It has not been an easy job on the tip of the spear. However, it has been an extraordinary honor and a sacred position for which I am grateful. Now, I continue to pledge the entirety of my experience, knowledge, heart, and soul to my work, my God, and to the future of medicine for the benefit of the all the people. My heart focus is now for not only the people but the planet itself. We have to come together if we are to save her and survive here.

Personal and planetary health go hand in hand!

Yes, we are the guardians of this planet. It was the original agreement between God and man. We were created to love this lovely planet we call Earth that is our Mother and our home!!! We agreed to protect her for future generations. All the people...animals and plants and things! We need to make our personal health and our planetary health go hand in hand! A few ways you can begin today: Recycle, Ditch single-use plastics, Use alternative cloth grocery bags, Use net bags for produce or none, buy organic to reduce Her toxic load, drive less, try to go for a economical car that uses less gas, or carpool, buy local foods whenever possible (they do not have to be transported so far), grow your own foods in pots or yards, avoid using paper from wood like it is endless - try to find alternatives, use reusable plastic storage containers, no plastic water bottles- they have reusable non-BPA cups that purify water, water filter even a Brita to avoid plastic bottles. These are just a few. If you have more, please add as a comment and see how many we can get! The more healthy the planet is the healthier we are - less toxins, less health risk from dangerous herbicides, pesticides and fungicides! For the planet dnd the grandchildren!

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