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Does something need to change about the condition of your health? Do your instincts tell you that you should be able to feel better, stronger, happier and be able to enjoy life more?

Have you learned to live with discomfort, pain, persistent symptoms, syndromes or just plain not felt right with inadequate answers or solutions? Do you think that modern medicine has failed you thus far? Have you felt like no one is listening closely enough to your story? And still, you would gladly welcome a new doctor to show you how you can get better results and feel better.

Are you especially grateful for your many years of very good health? Maybe you have been wondering how to maintain your good health for longevity and interested only in a doctor who is experienced in natural methods with a focus on wellness. Because you realize how fortunate you are so far, you know that staying well will bring you and your life’s goals together.

Do you spend a lot of money on supplements and herbs and wonder if they are doing their job and helping you? Have you ever walked in a supplement store or the supplement aisle of a health food store and been confused by all the choices? Do you wonder which nutrients would be best for you? Does the helper in the store aisle have the background and years of experience to manage your choices to optimize your health?

Do you feel confused by “holistic” or “alternative” medicine and yet know others who claim remarkable results? Do you wish you could find a real doctor, with impressive credentials trained in modern traditional medicine with major University teaching experience who is also skilled and experienced with equally impressive credentials in the non traditional therapies? Are you looking for the right doctor you can trust to take an Integrative Medicine approach to your wellness?

Experience the Difference – Be the Artist of Your Own Transformation

With Gayle Madeleine Randall, M.D.

A solution-oriented approach towards Healing and Health

Integrative Medicine, is solution-oriented; active, generative and holistic – focusing on finding options, choices and possibilities. Dr. Randall’s guiding light has always been her extraordinary abilities to really see you as a whole person – body, mind, spirit and more. Then, in partnership with you, Dr. Randall will use an integrative approach with the most effective and efficient healing modalities uniquely suited to you to restore balance on multi-dimensions of your being. Then, as you co-create the changes you seek and can maintain, you can enjoy more of life, with optimal health and wellness.

Dr. Randall specializes in Integrative, Mind-Body, Internal and Wellness Medicine. She is Board Certified in Internal Medicine, Board Certified in Gastroenterology, and has extensive training and experience in the following healing modalities :

Gayle Madeleine Randall, M.D.

With the mind of a scientist, the vision of a mystic and the heart of a healer, Dr. Randall integrates science and soul, building a crucial bridge between ancient paths of spiritual and natural healing, and the practice of modern medicine. This approach is truly “whole-istic” medicine, in which illness is not an enemy but a teacher, and healing is a sacred process leading toward a new and greater wholeness. Dr. Randall can help you change the way you feel better.

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“The greatest wealth is health.” ~Virgil

* What pictures come into your mind when you see yourself vibrantly healthy? Take a minute right now and imagine what’s in the picture when you have vibrant good health. Is that what you want now?

* What will you be able to do once you enjoy the state of optimal wellness? Earn more? Play more? Love more?

* What would you give for the peace of mind that vibrant health will bring you? Time – to be well? Money – for wellness? Love – for yourself? Attention – to answer your inner plea to take care of yourself?

Right now, what needs to change so you can achieve and maintain vibrant health for life and longevity?


Joint pain and muscle weakness

Headaches, sinus conditions, breathing problems

Hormonal imbalance

Endocrine Imbalances of the Thyroid/Adrenal Glands


Gastrointestinal Problems


Fatigue, malaise, motivation


Frequent Colds and flu

Blood pressure and cholesterol

Back pain

Serious disease

Immune dysfunction


IBS – Irritable Bowel Syndrome

Chemical and nutritional imbalances

Menopausal symptoms

Dysbiosis – yeast/bacterial/parasites

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